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True dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, FOS-free and non-GMO

Natren Inc. researches, develops and manufacturers the most powerful probiotics on the planet.

Published peer-reviewed clinical trials, unique high technology probiotic delivery systems, powerful super strains and an International Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) / Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) certified manufacturing facility means Natren products work when conventional probiotics don’t.


• Researches, formulates and cultivates the probiotics they use, keeping the supernatants intact. Delivering stronger, more resilient healthy probiotic bacteria.
• Maintains a “cold chain of custody” throughout the manufacturing, storage and shipping processes from their privately owned, thermally controlled, pharmaceutical grade facility.
• Uses amber glass bottles and tin lids, for maximum protection of the probiotic strains from damaging light and moisture.
• These probiotics are microbiologically pure and contaminant free.
• Guarantees the full potency of each probiotic strain through the expiration date.

Probiotics, For the Whole Body, Whole Family


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