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Optimum Multiple Vitamin/Mineral Formula with Fast-Release Tablet

Multigenics is a unique vitamin and mineral formula designed for optimal disintegration and digestibility.
This comprehensive multiple vitamin and mineral formula is suitable for adolescents, adults, and seniors. Providing an essential,comprehensive foundation for optimal health.
Multigenics without Iron is the same comprehensive multiple vitamin and mineral formula, but without iron. This formula is designed for individuals who may already be receiving adequate levels of dietary iron.
The Chewable formulation is a high quality multiple vitamin and mineral supplement designed for excellent nutrient bioavailability, especially for children or for those adults who prefer a chewable tablet.

Advanced Nutritional Support Designed for Optimal Health

Multigenics Intensive Care Formula features the same high quality ingredients found in Multigenics, but is designed for enhanced absorption and bioavailability.
The Intensive Care formula is a potent yet gentle vitamin and mineral formula that features rapid tablet disintegration allowing quick release of the micronutrients. This comprehensive formula is suitable for adolescents, adults, and seniors.


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