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Alpha Science LaboratoriesASL is a leading Canadian manufacturer of natural health supplements

Alpha Science Laboratories uses only ingredients where scientific research has proven their efficacy, safety, and for bioactive chemical compounds that have health-promoting, disease-preventing or medicinal properties. The herbal ingredients are procured globally in whole dried form and are subjected to quality and analytical testing. ASL assures that all the ingredients used in Alpha Science Laboratories products are free of contaminants.

Quality Ingredients & Product Testing

Alpha Science Laboratories test all ingredients and formulations before, during, and after manufacturing/packaging to ensure that there are no heavy metals, microbial contaminants or other toxins. ASL also utilizes third party analytical laboratories to evaluate the purity of their products.

Effective quality supplements

When buying nutraceuticals from ASL, you can be sure that only the best all natural ingredients are included to help support and maintain a healthy lifestyle
When it comes to Natural Supplements… Alpha Science Laboratories would like to be your first choice for Natural Medicin

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