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For over a quarter of a century, Wise Woman Herbals has remained true to its mission to produce superior quality botanical supplements to provide a gentle and natural way for improving quality of life; resulting in a healthier, more balanced and sustainable world.
Wise Woman Herbals sources their plants from small local farms and use only the finest organic, biodynamic, ethically wild crafted and best quality plants, extracted and preserved with purely natural ingredients.
Wise Woman Herbals is consistently recognized as the brand preferred by well-informed health care practitioners.

devoted to helping people discover better health, vitality, and improved quality of life through natural means

The name Wise Woman Herbals was chosen to honor the early European herbalists. Honoring them further by producing whole-herb supplements using updated time-tested traditional processes. They do not produce standardized extracts that strive to attain certain concentrations of a single chemical component at the expense of losing essential cofactors because They believe all of the plant constituents are required to provide a completely beneficial botanical product as intended by nature.

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