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great reverence for Nature

INNATE Response believes there is wisdom in staying close to Nature. All of the vital nutrients that are present in plants can never be replicated in a test tube. With the right combination of ingredients provided in a whole food matrix, our bodies have the innate ability to self-regulate toward vibrant health and wellness.

INNATE is dedicated to creating plant-based products that support the body’s innate healing responses.

How whole are your supplements?

It’s commonly understood that whole foods are better than refined foods — that whole grain is better than refined flour.
At INNATE Response they ask: Why should your supplements be any different?

As proponents of & WHOLISM, INNATE Response recognizes that people, plants, communities, cultures, and companies are all part of a larger, interconnected planetary ecosystem, and they take their role in that ecosystem seriously. That’s why Innate is committed to operating in an ethical way that supports not just the health of our customers, but the betterment of the planet. For example, Innate is committed to making as much of their product line certified organic and non-GMO-verified as possible.

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