Ultra Protein Bars (Peanut Butter), 1 Box of 12 Bars, Metagenics

Ultra Protein Bars from Metagenics are a great choice for those who are trying to increase protein intake or limit high glucose producing carbs

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Introducing Ultra Protein Bar (formerly ProteinFusion®). It’s the same great formula with a brand new name and a fresh new look!

Ultra Protein (Peanut Butter) Bars from Metagenics are ideal for those who are trying to increase protein intake and limit their consumption of high glucose (sugar) producing carbohydrates. Ultra Protein’s low glucose carbohydrate profile is a balance of fiber, sugar alcohols, and glycerin designed to be low glycemic as well as taste great.

Metagenics Ultra Protein Bar is a delicious protein fitness bar. It is a great source of protein which helps build and repair body tissues.

Provides 20 grams of protein
Contains only 1 gram of sugar
Supplies 8 grams of fiber
Provides a broad range of vitamins and minerals
Available flavors: Double Chocolate & Peanut Butter

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