Magnesium 300 Powder, 132g, Innate Response

Magnesium 300 Powder from Innate Response is a therapeutic dose of the most well absorbed forms of magnesium blended with organic whole food in a great tasting powder.

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Clinical dose of magnesium with organic spinach

  • Excellent taste increases compliance
  • Highly absorbable magnesium combination
  • Organic whole food spinach

Magnesium 300 Powder is a therapeutic dose of the most well absorbed forms of magnesium blended with organic whole food in a great tasting powder. Magnesium is an essential nutrient required for proper functioning of nearly every system in the body. Among its critical roles are assisting with ATP production, promoting healthy neurotransmitter levels and cognitive health as well as cardiovascular support. It is also necessary to drive enzymatic reactions and is a major contributor to the production of protein in the body. There have been studies demonstrating widespread deficiencies of this vital nutrient even in developed countries indicating the need for an increased intake of magnesium. Innate’s Magnesium 300 Powder boasts the citrate, glycinate and malate forms, all of which have been shown to be well absorbed and helpful in restoring adequate magnesium levels. The infusion of organic spinach, a whole food magnesium source, provides a whole food complex to accompany the clinical dose of magnesium optimizing its utilization.

Importance of Magnesium for Bone Health
In general, most of the focus on bone health has been on calcium. However, calcium is not the only mineral involved and does not act alone. Recent studies indicate that magnesium is also crucially important for supporting bone health. Like calcium, magnesium also helps to assure strong bones and teeth, support proper neuromuscular and cardiovascular functioning.

Magnesium 300 Powder offers a clinical dose with a whole food blend

The role of magnesium is vitally important for proper physiologic functions of the body to optimize overall health and wellbeing.
Despite being one of the most abundant minerals in the human body, more than half of adults in the United States do not consume the estimated average requirement for magnesium. Part of this deficiency may be due to poor dietary sources, medications, physical and mental stress causing depletion, poor digestive powers, and low mineral content in both soil and drinking water. Studies suggest that the implication of this widespread deficiency is associated with numerous chronic inflammatory conditions.
The Power of Three
Magnesium 300 Powder intelligently combines three highly absorbable forms (citrate, malate, glycinate)of magnesium to decrease the physiologic burden of this widespread deficiency. This gentle, yet effective formula optimizes utilization with organic spinach, a naturally rich whole food source of Magnesium.


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